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Courtesy Paul D. Johnson & Andrew Mowbray Publishers

As a new recruit you  must own the following pieces of uniforming and equipment at the end of your probationary year.  As a new member you should consult with a unit officer before buying any piece of uniforming or equipment.  If you make purchases without the guidance of a unit officer you may be required to return or replace the item with a more suitable version.

Clothing Items

Drawers Canton flannel or cotton drill.   Full length, or cut off at the knee.  Two or three buttons in front, ties at back for waist adjustment, ties at ankles.
Forage Cap 1858 pattern - dark blue wool, polished cotton lining, with painted visor & chin strap.   Company letter "D" optional - no other insignia.
Sack Coat U.S. issue - dark blue wool flannel with four eagle buttons in 5/8 inch diameter, inside breast pocket, lined or unlined.  Hand sewn buttonholes.
Shirt Period military or civilian pattern, of documented pattern with hand finishing and button holes.
Suspenders Cotton, linen, etc., of documented pattern  - no fully elastic!
Trousers  Sky blue wool kersey, with tin/cardboard buttons, tie string waist adjustment in the back, two pockets, with proper reinforced cuffs, hand sewn button holes and finishing details.
Socks Knit Wool ; white, brown, or gray.  Socks should have ribbing only on the upper two inches of the top.


Bayonet Scabbard U.S. Pattern- with two copper rivets,  & brass tip
Cartridge Box Model 1861 - with tins and flat box plate, buff, waxed, or grained leather sling with eagle plate
Brogans 1851 Jefferson Pattern - ankle height, black "rough out" leather
Cap Pouch U.S. Model 1850 
Canteen 1858 pattern smooth side ; with wool or jean cloth cover, folded and sewn canvas sling, or un-dyed leather sling with buckle adjustment
Haversack U.S. pattern ; black painted cloth, with button-in liner.
Food Bags Cloth ; tie or draw string for food and personal items.
Tin Cup U.S. issue  heavy tin plated iron, w/soldered bottom
Waist belt Model 1851 with flat plate with or without leather keeper.


Rifled Musket U.S. (Springfield) , 1855, 1861, 1863 or 1864; with leather sling and bayonet.



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