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Recreated Civil War units vary tremendously in quality. If you are looking for a serious unit that is authentic and does things right, then we are the unit for you!

The modern Company D, 1st Minnesota was formed in 1990 by a group of Civil War buffs who felt there was a need for a better attempt to recreate life of the Civil War soldier. In the camps of other units you will find anachronisms such as coolers and aluminum cots. This is not the case with the 1st Minnesota. We are attempting to be as authentic as we possibly can achieve. In the field, we sleep in pup tents with wool and gum rubber blankets. Our rations are faithful to the period, consisting of salt pork, hardtack, coffee, suitable fruits and vegetables. We carry nothing that is inappropriate.

By being faithful to how the Civil War soldier really lived, we endeavor to honor the men of the 1st Minnesota and to educate the public about the 1st Minnesota's role in the war and life in general of the common Union soldier

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